Our Philosophy

Khalsa Childcare is a harmonious integration of teachings from Rudolf Steiner, Yogi Bhajan, the Hippocrates Health Institute, and Native Anishiinaabe traditions.

We aim to ground the children in basic human values, such as:

a warm heart and a strong sense of morality
a creative and curious mind
a love for meaningful work
a deep commitment to the tending of all living things
self-esteem and a strong sense of self
an awareness of group consciousness
a meditative mind
a sense of joy for the evolving human spirit
problem solving with non-violent communication
healthy habits

We aim to support children in learning skills needed to create sustainability and peace within themselves and in their environment.


Our Staff

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A Holistic Approach for Children of All Ages


Email: amar.fuller@gmail.com
Phone: (413) 548-9841

189 Long Plain Road, Leverett, MA 01054