A Day at Khalsa

Whether inside our cozy indoor family environment, or outside in nature on our beautiful Leverett land, we aim to nourish the hearts, minds and bodies to our children.
It is our intention to help raise our next generation to be strong, healthy bright lights, with the inner tools and wherewithal to help create a healthy planet.
When the weather is appropriate, and especially when daylight is long, we spend as much time as we can outdoors.
We care for children in a Mixed-Age setting. This helps to cultivate self-esteem, cooperation, leadership, patience, compassion and inner strength.
Circle time is a special opportunity where we gather together each day, from the youngest baby to the oldest child, to share and learn. This provides an opportunity for children to learn their place in the whole, as a member of the group.
We serve the children only the highest nutrient-dense food and juices. Our philosophy of diet mimics the HHI’s teachings on optimum health. As the Greek philosopher Hippocrates said, “Let food by thy medicine”.
Whether we go on a special trip, or go out for our weekly excursion into the woods for hiking, outings are a cause for great excitement amongst both children and staff. Our schedule of field trips varies from season to season.
Sprout Garden classroom lessons are a time for the older children in the group (generally 3-5) to begin working with letters and numbers. A crafting project, songs and games to facilitate the understanding of the letter or number are also enjoyed.


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A Holistic Approach for Children of All Ages


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