Khalsa Childcare is a successful, vibrant large family daycare established in Leverett, Ma. for over 25 years!  The director and staff are all nurturing caregivers who love children, and love the work they do. 
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Khalsa Childcare

Khalsa Childcare is a licensed large family day care serving children 6 months through 7 years of age.  It is an alternative to traditional care.  Khalsa Childcare is a unique approach to caring for young children, and honoring the wisdom of the Earth.  We realize the importance of a child's early years in starting good habits and making healthy choices - for one's body, mind and spirit.  We serve raw vegan living food snacks and meals prepared with fresh, organic fruits, sprouts and vegetables (and love!!)
The Arts: We work with crayons, water colors, finger knitting and beeswax to facilitate beautiful expression of self.  Recycling materials is another modality of approaching art as well as lots of singing, various types of dancing and acting out some of our favorite stories.  We have many instruments that the children engage in during play time as well as in our morning circle.

Outdoor Skills & Nature Program:  Classes on observing the wonders of the natural world and held daily and then the children capture it on paper in their nature journals.  (If there is enough interest for the older children we may include an equestrian program with education in the care of horses.)

Health & Healing: 
Learning how to take good care of ourselves and each other with compassion, healthy foods, organic gardening and more!

The daily lesson focuses on either a number or letter of the alphabet with a Waldorf education approach.

Holistic Activities:
Through yoga, meditation, ceremonies and celebrations we practice and become focused on nurturing ourselves.  We also experience the richness of giving and community service.

Conscious Communication:
We help facilitate communication between staff and children using creative problem solving, non-violent communication (the ability to use our words to express feelings and needs) and the nurtured heart approach.